Our Team Do Their Best





We receive a signal from the client for damage to the house or yard.



We sign a Water Extraction Agreement contract 



If the room is in a very bad condition, our team decides to proceed with the stabilization machines first


Оur team completes the restoration at the desired location by the client


Where We Serve

Avanta Restoration serves Marietta, Georgia and surrounding areas.


Water Damage, Fire Damage, Storm Damage, Smoke Damage, Mold Removal, Odor Removal, Carpet, Crawl Space/Attic, Sewage, Biohazard, Crime Scene

Restoration and cleaning after

Water Damage Restoration
Flooding or water damage can occur to any property. Our experts will dry your property and make sure it is returned to the dry standard.

Fire Damage Restoration
Nobody expects a fire on their property. Fortunately, our team can repair fire damage and restore your property to its original condition.

Storm Damage Restoration
Storms may be unpredictable and can result in damage to your property. Avanta Restoration will repair your property if it is damaged by wind, hail, or flood.

Smoke Damage Restoration
Smoke damage can discolor your walls and leave an unpleasant smell in your property. Our experts will assist you with smoke damage restoration and odor removal.

Mold Removal
If you notice mold growth, Avanta Restoration can assess the age and severity of the damage and help you remediate your property.

Odor Removal
If you notice an odor on your property, our team will identify the source, remove it, and make your property smell fresh again.

Carpet Cleaning
Dirty carpets? Avanta Restoration offers carpet cleaning services that will leave your carpet looking brand new.

Crawl Space/Attic Cleanup
Cleaning up your attic or crawl space shouldn’t be a hassle. Let our team help you!

Sewage Cleanup
Our team will work around the clock to clean up sewage leaks in your property.

Biohazard Cleanup
Nobody should have to clean up biohazards on their own property. Let our experts assist you thoroughly clean up biohazards.

Crime Scene Cleanup
Crime scenes can be taxing to clean up. Let our experts clean up crime scenes for you.