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We have helped countless residents and businesses throughout Atlanta

We will immediately take the reins on your project by coordinating with your insurance carrier, securing the structure, performing damage removal, doing what needs to be done with your contents, and fully reconstructing, refinishing, and restoring your space.

Our team is available 24 hours to handle damage restoration projects large and small. We keep all of our team members under one roof so that your project will go smoother and quicker than it could in the hands of any other water damage contractor in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who We Are

Avanta Restoration

We'll go right into your project, communicating with your insurance company, securing the building, executing damage removal, taking care of your things, and completely reconstructing, refinishing, and restoring your space.

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We are idea generators, goal seekers, challenge-thirsty professionals, creators of unique Internet projects. We deliver unconventional solutions, combining the most advanced web technologies

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